Ricky Ranking

Ricky Ranking
Better Muss Come
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Spaceship - Ricky Ranking
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Ricky Ranking -Better Muss Come

  1-Upset Me Bad

  2-Cally Bud

  3-Lie Down Baby

  4-Better Muss

  5-Yoot Man
  (Giwan ti Skool)

  6-Under Siege

  7-Big Up Danny

  8-Love it unto I

  9-Nothing is
  Gonna Stop Me

  10-2nd Fiddle

  11-Over The

  12-Giwan Ya Bad



Ricky Ranking

Watch an interview with Ricky Ranking filmed in our recording studio @ Soundspace.tv

Ricky Ranking - "Better Muss Come"

"Better Muss Come" the new album from Ricky Ranking

Ricardo McKenzie aka Ricky Ranking 

Ricky Ranking was originally known as an MC, singer and song writer.  His talents are endless and he proves this with every performance he delivers.

Beginning in the ghetto areas of Lambeth Brixton, Ricky worked tirelessly performing on show after show and sound system after sound system.  Now he is established as one of the true greats ever to have emerged from the area. He is hailed as “simply great” by his fans.

Performing in the late 70’s on sound systems such as Small Axe, King Tubby's, Killer Watt, Dynatone, Supertone, Lord David and Bucahnan. In the 80’s on systems such as Nasty Rockers, Sterograph, Taurus Hi-Fi, Exodus, Youth Man Promotions, Saxon and Ghetto Tone reward Ricky with the opportunity to record songs with various labels.

The first ever single Ricky ever recorded was a single called ‘Rocking the Dance’ and was produced by Stereograph’s Chubba and Choice FM’s commander B. This first track was a massive dance hall smash enabling Ricky to perform all over England.

Since then, Ricky has recorded many tracks and worked with many significant names in the music industry.

In the early days being a DJ, Ricky began to show his real versatility, in 1998 he began to write and sing songs. The first song that he released was called ‘I can’t get enough love’ this was produced by Tandys and then remixed by General Lee.  The single created a strong reaction from the reggae fans in England and held number 2 position in the UK reggae chart for 6 weeks.

Very soon Ricky gained public recognition as a singer. Even so, he made sure he always kept up with the DJ standards required on the streets.  His performances were sought after frequently and in 1996, he was approached by friends to become part of an organisation called Code 7 whom cater for the community’s people.  With Community Code 7, Ricky performed on many positive events like ‘The Gun Amnesty’ alongside Ian Wright.  ‘Stop the Killing’ and ‘The Trident Launch’ other events to mention were at the Fridge Club for ITN and BBC news. He personally supported The Norwood School for girls and the Dick Shepherds School in their plight to save their building.  The community Code 7 is still in operation and Ricky still offers his support and services for main events.

Ricky is now at a crucial stage in his career; he just keeps getting better with experience and is now ready to rock the world with his new recording.

His latest recordings to date is the heart touching, soul relaxing mind elevating album called ‘Different Kinds of People’.  This album shows Ricky in his world of love and gives the listener a calm sense of reality.  Track 2 is called ‘Angel’ and describes the vibes of meeting someone, falling in love and being together forever. Track 9 is called ‘Big Girl’ dedicated to his daughters Deline and Rachell highlighting his belief that all fathers should grow their daughters. Track 7 ‘Different Kinds Of People’ talks about the state of the world , different nations living different lives and how everyone is moving towards the future of a new world.

Recently back from touring England and Europe with Roots Manoeuvre, Ricky has had even more experience to work with. Roots Manoeuvre’s hit songs are ‘Bashment Boogie’ (Dun with the Fuss) and ‘Dreamy Days’ were both complemented by Ricky’s talent. He performed in all shows on the tour and even voiced on the records themselves.  Ricky stated how pleased he was for the opportunity to work with Roots Manoeuvre’s lead vocalist Rodney Smith and how they enjoyed every minute.  Ricky says ‘Big up Big Dadda Records’...

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Roots Manuva - Buff Nuff

Dub 4 Acid - Ricky Ranking

Ricky Ranking Nominated for the reggae Heritage awards June 2008  

For more information about Ricky Ranking please contact Chris or Tom at MAPMUSIC on 020 7916 0544 or email us .

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